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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Indian stake in Herbal patent and export

Indian stake in Herbal patent and export

Herbs in India
India is the inventor of Ayurveda and using herbal products since time immemorial. However, the country has neglected Ayurveda and herbal products since British period. India has neglected its own original wisdom and medical therapy for a very long time. The country has failed to take benefits of advancements in medical sciences and uses of herbal products, whereas, China has invested huge money in herbal research and has been reaping the benefits.

India has now started harnessing benefits of Ayurveda and its patent department has registered more than two hundred patents. Surprisingly, Chinese and other multinational companies have registered several patents in India.

India has only two and half percent share in global herbal export whereas China has more than thirteen percent share in the said export. Our country has to go long to get its share in global market. We need huge effort and investment, both from governments and private sectors to achieve the same.

India has a diverse climate and geographic region and capable of producing large numbers of herbal products in its mountains, forests and deserts. We have to harness potentials and traditional knowledge among our villagers, cultivators and even the tribal.

We also need to put our efforts in setting up modern research laboratories and manufacturing units for new and better products to find a place in the global markets. India has set up National Institute of Ayurveda and it is time to strengthen these institutes.

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